When you are on a mission to lose weight, your diet plays a great role. It’s 80% and 20% workout to lose weight in a fast manner. Nowadays, there are many diet plans that one can follow to lose over 10 kgs in a month. It’s not so difficult to get that perfect beach body for your summer holiday or winter vacation in just a month or two. But without sheer hard work, dedication and consistent effort, it’s next to impossible to achieve that goal. Losing weight is tough but not impossible. You have to prepare your mind and follow the strict diet chart, workout regime and other important tips to see the results just in a month. However, it is observed that your diet plays the most important role in making you lose weight in just a month. What you are going to consume every day will impact your body to a great extent. Therefore, eating healthy and less calorie food followed by drinking a lot of water play a great role in losing 10 kgs in just 30 days.

So what diet plan you need to follow for a month to shed over 10kgs in just 30 days?

Weight loss diet Menu

Detoxify your body in the early morning

Let’s start right from the early morning when you wake up. Once you wake up, make a habit of detoxifying your body with lemon and honey water. Take a glass of warm water and squeeze a slice of lemon and put one spoon of honey in it. It will cleanse your liver and help a lot in losing weight. Other than that, you can also consume ginger drink by putting one teaspoon of ginger paste and two table spoons of fresh mint paste in a glass full of water to cleanse your body. These early morning detox drinks will help you to boost your metabolism, immune system and improve your digestion that will eventually help you to lose weight effectively.

Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfastIt is very important to take healthy and nutritious breakfast as it’s going to be your first meal of the day which will keep you going and productive all day long. You can take oatmeal as it’s full of complex carbs and essential proteins that your body requires in the morning. It will offer you only 230 calories with so many benefits. On the other hand, you can also go with muesli with no fat milk, oats cheela, oats upma etc. All these are healthy breakfast meals with less calories and high nutrients. If you are non-vegetarian then you can take boiled eggs especially egg whites or an omelette with mint paste. For liquid dieters, apple smoothie with dry fruits like almonds and raisins will work great. All these meals and drinks will offer you plenty of fiber, vitamins, proteins and complex carbohydrates that are required to keep you productive all day long especially in the morning time.

Post breakfast snack

When you are on a weight loss diet then you have to eat small meals throughout the day in order to keep yourself full without indulging into over eating. Thus, take post breakfast snack which is again full of nutrition. You can take fruits that are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Some of the fruits that you can take are watermelon, apple, papaya, grapes, kiwi etc. Fruits will keep you away from over eating and provide you multiple nutrients. Also they are rich in antioxidants. Other than that, you can take a cup of green tea along with some oat biscuits.


Lunch is another important meal of the day which should also contain healthy and nutritious meal. If you are vegetarian then take vegetable soup, vegetable oats or a mixed green vegetable meal along with a roti. You can also include salad or curd. If you are non-vegetarian then you can take grilled chicken or fish along with mint paste and salad. You can also consider a bowl of brown rice.

Evening snack

Evening is the time when you feel like to have something. It is important to fill yourself in order to avoid hunger pangs that will lead to over eating. You can take green tea, lemon water or coconut water. Along with that, you can take wheat rusk, roasted chana, oats cracker or boiled eggs. All these food items and drinks include a lot of nutrients, minerals, vitamins etc.


diet planThis is the last meal of your day and it has to be very light. You can take a vegetable wrap, a bowl of boiled veggies along with one chapatti. If you are non-vegetarian then take a bowl of chicken soup or boiled or grilled chicken. Make sure to keep your dinner meal light and small in order to digest it properly.

More Tips

Other than your diet plan, it is also important to pay attention to some more effective tips given below

  • Make sure to drink at least 8 full glasses of water every day. It’s better if you drink one glass prior to your meals.
  • Eat slowly so that you can consume less food and can easily digest.
  • Add a lot of fiber and protein whatever healthy food you are taking in your each meal. Try to take natural food and avoid packaged food.
  • Make sure to sleep at least for 7 hours daily.
  • Indulge in resistance training to build muscle and increase strength in your body.
  • Skip the junk food of all types in order to lose weight in just a month.
  • Try to do high intensity interval training in order to see quick results.
  • Stay motivated and confident about your goal.